Myninjakiwi Challenges

FAQ's about challenges.

What are Challenges?

Challenges, as described by myinjakiwi "Every now and then we find a pack of levels we think is really hard, lots of fun and worth challenging you all to complete, completing any of our challenges will win you 200 Kiwi points! so what are you waiting for? give it a go!"

So, the two main reasons you play challenges is:

1. It is nice to challenge yourself instead of doing random junk on random.

2. A prize of 200 kiwi points if you complete the pack.

How can I get a challenge?

Step One, build a pack which is hard. But not too hard so no-one can complete it. This is because challenges are supposed to be hard, but they are not too hard, otherwise it would be boring.

Step Two. Make the pack a decent length. There will never be a challenge which is under 5 levels, so build a pack longer than that. Preferably make the pack between 13-20 levels. Then you have a decent chance if you do all 4 steps.

Step Three. Make the pack fun/creative. No-one likes a boring pack. No-one. Make all the tools interact with each other in bloons/hotcorn. Use a variety of levels in zeba. In sinta, make different types of levels (Simple, Cavern, Complicated)

Step Four. Send your pack to Matt or Kyle brown. Send a PM to Matt33 and tell him why you would like it to be a challenge. Be polite, because they decide if you get the challenge or not.Click here to send a message to Matt33

Step Five. Be patient If Matt or kyle approves of the pack, and thinks it could be a challenge you will have to wait a few months before it is one, most likely. This is because Matt always has a queue, normally quite a long one and there is only one challenge per game per month.